Hi my name is Graham Byers, and this is my company. I make films, take photographs, and strive to create the best work possible. 

For my sixth birthday, my parents bought me a video camcorder. As soon as I had unwrapped the paper and unboxed the camera, I fell in love with cinema. Seeing the potential of the new camera, I invited a group of my friends over to shoot my first film. In that instant I knew what I was going to pursue for a career.

Following my sixth birthday, I improved my skills as a filmmaker by attending SOCAPA (School of Creative and Performing Arts) from 2011-2014 and from 2015-2016 I worked there. I have also attended the summer film program at the University of Southern California (USC) and interned for Louie Schwartzberg at Moving Art. Currently, I am attending USC where I am spending nearly 100% of my time learning about cinema and its art. I also work for 1824º at Universal Music Group (UMG) as a content creator where I shoot music videos and concert recaps for UMG artists.

Over the years I have taken pictures of weddings, pre-prom parties, families, friends, animals, food and whatever else catches my eye. On the other side of the business, I have shot weddings, commercials, short films, music videos, acting reels, dance videos and student work (you can find these videos on the "Reel" page).

I recently traveled to Ghana to shoot a documentary for ROC (Refugee Outreach Club) on their aid mission there and have been working on countless projects both in Vermont and in California since.