Graham Byers is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California (USC) where he majored in Film and Television Production and minored in Entrepreneurship. Graham is an aspiring cinematographer and entrepreneur who strives to tell stories that ignite social change and give voice to the voiceless.             

Growing up in Vermont, Graham learned to appreciate nature and its preservation from a very young age. While in high school, Graham shot aerial and ground footage and photographs of an endangered natural preserve area due to clear-cutting and the construction of a controversial intermodal station along the local LaPlatte River in his town of Shelburne. He presented this project at a town meeting attended by over 500 concerned local citizens and testified in the Town of Shelburne v. Vermont Railway federal court case. Since then, Graham has taken a particular interest in addressing environmental issues in his work and, under the mentorship/leadership of nature time-lapse pioneer and award-winning nature filmmaker, Louie Schwartzberg, on his recent Netflix feature film Fantastic Fungi (2019), has discovered how to make audiences empathetic to nature.

Graham’s affinity for nature has also had a profound impact on his narrative and commercial voice. While working as a cinematographer, Graham loves to rely on natural light and encourages the directors he works with to consider using natural settings when appropriate.

Alongside these tendencies toward nature, Graham describes his approach to cinematography as character-driven. He loves to use cinematography as a tool to immerse the audience in the world of a character and the journey that they go on.


Over the years Graham has shot weddings, commercials, short films, music videos, acting reels, TV series, web series, and student work (you can find highlights of these videos on the "Reel" page). Example work available upon request by emailing

Graham worked at º1824 at Universal Music Group (UMG) as a Visual Content Creator where he shot music videos and concert recaps for UMG artists and traveled to Ghana to shoot a documentary for ROC (Rooted Organzing Community) on their aid mission there. 

Outside of his work as a filmmaker, Graham can be found either in nature hiking or skiing or back at his desk developing ways to curb the film industry’s carbon emissions.